A Letter to the President of Concordia University, Dr. Frederick Lowy

by theconcordiasituation

One of the purposes of this letter is to encourage Concordia University’s administration to waive the $20-per-course fee for incomplete grades as a first step towards ameliorating the problems posed by the student strike.


Close to half of the semester has been consumed by the ongoing student strike. All members of the Concordia community, regardless of their roles or political convictions, have been affected. For professors, the strike obviously poses a specific set of practical difficulties. More fundamentally, it raises ethical conflicts regarding our role as educators.

In order to maintain our commitments to our pedagogical goals in the face of a heavily compromised semester, we have found it necessary to continuously renegotiate expectations around the completion of courses. With deadlines upon us, it is urgent that we find appropriate methodologies that balance the academic needs of our students with the practical consequences of the strike. In these exceptional circumstances, we are faced with a set of new tasks for which Concordia’s administration has provided no guidance, facilitation, or models.

We have had to develop contingency plans on an individual basis with students, including coordinating later submission dates. Further, we have found it necessary to adjust grading schemes, taking into account the disruption of access to academic content as established in course outlines. Beyond this, if semester deadlines remain unadjusted, we are faced with the task of evaluating an exceptionally large backlog of student work within an unreasonable time frame.

The administration’s insistence that the completion of the semester is simply equivalent to the production of final grades highlights a cultural shift regarding education. The notion of the university as a place to foster intellectual and creative development is currently being replaced by a businesslike model wherein success is evaluated in terms of quantifiable and profitable results. The current struggle at Concordia, and throughout Quebec, is a direct result of this ideological conflict.

While it is imperative that we resist this fundamental erosion of democratic access to education by taking a position against the Liberal government’s tuition hikes, we must equally work to mitigate the immediate damage caused to our academic community by the current crisis.

As a result of the disruption of the semester, many students have been unable to complete their course requirements within the given deadlines. As such, filing for incomplete grades is being considered as a form of damage control. In light of the degree to which the semester has been compromised, it is unfair for students to be expected to pay up to $100 simply in order to meaningfully complete their courses.

Accordingly, we ask that, as a minimum response, the administration waive the $20-per-course fee for incomplete grades for all students.

Although incomplete grades have the potential to provide a low-level alleviation of the stress currently placed on students and faculty, they do not in themselves constitute a resolution of the profound problems indicated by the way the strike has been handled at Concordia. We therefore call upon the administration to work in consultation with students, faculty and staff in developing meaningful solutions to the neoliberalization of education.

Signed / Signée,

Concordia University faculty
Donna Akrey, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Gisele Amantea, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Meir Amor, Full-time faculty, Sociology and Anthropology
Raymonde April, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Kevin Austin, Full-time faculty, Music
Ingrid Bachmann, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Daniel Barrow, Full-time faculty, Painting and Drawing
Steve Bates, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Bonnie Baxter, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Adèle Beaudry, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Max Bergholz, Full-time faculty, History
Beverley Best, Full-time faculty, Sociology and Anthropology
Patrice Blais, Part-time faculty, Political Science
Kate Bligh, Part-time faculty, Theatre
eleanor Bond, Full-time faculty, Studio arts
Raymond Marius Boucher, Full-time faculty, Theatre
Eva Brandl, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Sam Burd, Part-time faculty, Film Studies
Carissa Carman, Part-time faculty, Fine Arts
Owen Chapman, Full-time faculty, Communication Studies
Scott Chlopan, Part-time faculty, Education
Jennifer Cherniack, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Tim Clark, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Eugenie Cliche, Full-time faculty, Studio arts
Laurence Collin, Part-time faculty, Fine Arts
Valérie de Courville Nicol, Full-time faculty, Sociology and Anthropology
Alexandre David, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Natalie Doonan, Part-time faculty (Reserve Faculty), Geography, Planning and Environment
David Douglas, Part-time faculty, School of Cinema
Antoine Doyon, Full-time faculty, Communications
Kester Dyer, Part-time faculty, Film Studies
Charles Ellison, Full-time faculty, Music
Alex Enkerli, Part-time faculty, Sociology and Anthropology
Evergon, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Gabrielle Falardeau, Full-time faculty, Film Production
Marty Fink, Part-time faculty, Women’s Studies/English/FFAR
Jon Paul Fiorentino, Part-time faculty, English
Peter Flemming, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts (IMCA)
Andrew Forster, Part-time faculty, Fine Arts
Maximilian Forte, Full-time faculty, Sociology and Anthropology
Jim Freeman, Part-time faculty, Geography, Planning & Environment
Karolane Gagné-Brault, Full-time faculty, Studio Art
Bernard Gamoy, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Mike Gigliotti, Full-time faculty, Geography, Planning and Environment
Kevin A. Gould, Full-time faculty, Geography, Planning and Environment
Nicole Gingras, Part-time faculty, MFA-Studio Arts
k.g. Guttman, Full-time faculty, Contemporary Dance
Cynthia Hammond, Full-time faculty, Art History
Shannon Harris, Part-time faculty, Cinema
Matthew Hays, Part-time faculty, Cinema, Journalism, Communication Studies
Hugh Hazelton, Full-time faculty, CMLL, Hispanic Studies
Nelson Henricks, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts (IMCA)
Ileana Hernandez, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Nasrin Himada, Part-time faculty, Geography, Planning and Environment
Way-Gar Ho, Full-time faculty, Geography, Planning and Environment
Lynn Hughes, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Gregory Hummel, Full-time faculty, Communication Studies
Andrew Ivaska, Full-time faculty, History
Sarah Côté Janelle, Full-time faculty, Fine Arts
Randolph Jordan, Full-time faculty, Fine Arts (Cinema)
Marc Étienne Lafrance, Full-time faculty, Sociology and Anthropology
Alexia Laferté-Coutu, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Annie Lalancette, Part-time faculty, Geography, Planning and Environment
Valerie Lamontagne, Part-time faculty, Design & Computation Arts
pk langshaw, Full-time faculty, Design & Computation Arts
Patrick Lapierre, Part-time faculty, Fine Arts
lise-hélène larin, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Simon Laroche, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts (IMCA)
Johanne Larue, Part-time faculty, Cinema
Barbara Layne, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Doina Lecca, Part-time faculty, Education
Erica Lehrer, Full-time faculty, History
Gordon Leonard, Full-time faculty, JMSB
Jenny Lin, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Edward Little, Full-time faculty, Theatre
Alison Loader, Part-time faculty, Design & Computation Arts
Krista Lynes, Full-time faculty, Communication Studies
Jessica MacCormack, Full-time faculty, Fine Arts
Ted McCormick, Full-time faculty, History
Dayna McLeod, Part-time faculty, Communication Studies
Karla McManus, Part-time faculty, Art History
Raymond Marius Boucher, Full-time faculty, Theatre
Erin Manning, Full-time faculty, Fine Arts
Marie-Paule Martel-Reny, Part-time faculty, Religion
Sheila Mason, Full-time faculty, Philosophy
José Antonio Giménez Micó, Full-time faculty, CMLL, Hispanic Studies
Ashley Miller, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Elizabeth Miller, Full-time faculty, Communication Studies
Laurie Milner, Part-time faculty, Fine Arts
Bronwen Moen, Part-time faculty, Fine Arts
Catherine Moore, Part-time faculty, Geography, Planning and Environment
Monique Moumblow, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Norman Nawrocki, Part-time faculty, SCPA
Donna Nebenzahl, Part-time faculty, Journalism
Lorraine Oades, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Luc Otter, Full-time faculty, Fine Arts (Cinema)
Maria Peluso, Part-time faculty, Political Science
Michael Pinsonneault, Part-time faculty, Music
Marisa Portolese, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Everett M. Price, Full-time faculty, Political Science
Jason Prince, Part-time faculty, SCPA
Genevieve Rail, Full-time faculty, Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Norma Rantisi, Full-time faculty, Geography, Planning & Environment
Michael Rattray, Part-time faculty, Art History
Frances Ravensbergen, Part-time faculty, AHSC, SCPA, SEL
Charles Reiss, Full-time faculty, Linguistics/CMLL
Erwin Regler, Part-time faculty, Design & Computation Art, Studio Arts
Samuel Rémillard, Full-time faculty, Music
Shelley Z Reuter, Full-time faculty, Sociology and Anthropology
Christopher A. Riddle, Full-time faculty, Philosophy
Mike Rollo, Full-time faculty, Communication Studies
André Roy, Part-time faculty, Études françaises
Stephanie Russ, Full-time faculty, Studio art
Catherine Russell, Full-time faculty, Cinema
Andreas Rutkauskas, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Joanabbey Sack, Part-time faculty, Creative Arts Therapies
Louise Samson, Part-time faculty, Music
Sasha Sanscartier, Full-time faculty, Art History/ Studio Art
Kim Sawchuk, Full-time faculty, Communications
Susan G. Scott, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Rosemarie Schade, Full-time faculty, Loyola International College
Gary Schwartz, Part-time faculty, Music
Laura Shillington, Part-time faculty, Geography
Erin Silver, Part-time faculty, Art History
Sima, Full-time faculty, Sociology-Anthropology
Marie-Christine Simard, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Matt Soar, Full-time faculty, Communication Studies
Jennifer Spiegel, Part-time faculty, Theatre
Candis Steenbergen, Part-time faculty, Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Jeremy Stolow, Full-time faculty, Communication Studies
Leila Sujir, Full-time faculty, Studio Arts
Susan Surette, Part-time faculty, Art History
Frederick Sweet, Part-time faculty, Applied Human Sciences
MJ Thompson, Full-time faculty, Fine Arts
Barbara Todd, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Donato Totaro, Part-time faculty, School of Cinema
Étienne Tremblay-Tardif, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Eldad Tsabary, Full-time faculty, Music
Chris Vargas, Part-time faculty, Fine Arts
Rachael Van Fossen, Part-time faculty, Theatre
Chih-Chien Wang, Full-time faculty, Fine Arts
Thomas Waugh, Full-time faculty, Cinema
James Whitman, Part-time faculty, Studio Arts
Samantha Wilson, Part-time faculty, Fine Arts (Cinema)
Christine York, Full-time faculty, Études françaises

Concordia University students
Graeme Adams, Student, Studio Arts
Evans Adrian, Student, Fine Arts
Joël Alarie, Student, Fine Arts
Gagné Andrée-Claude, Student, Studio Arts
Michael I Arsenault, Student, Études Françaises
Sonjoy Athparia, Student, Religion
Jessica Atkinson, Student, Fine Arts
Maxime Aubert, Student, Fine arts / Film Production
Anita Badami, Student, Studio Arts
Irmak Bahar, Student, Biology
Michael Baker, Student, Music
Aaron Barcant, Student, Geography
Sarah Barr, Student, Fine Arts
Cloe Barrette, Student, Studio Arts
Diane Bastien, Student, Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Antonio Bavaro, Student, Theatre & Development
Laura Beach, Student, Anthropology; Geography, Planning & Environment
Ramona Benveniste, Student, Fine Arts
Dean Bere, Student, Art History
Lea Roy Bernatchez, Student, Contemporary Dance
Esther Bernard, Student, Études françaises
Judith Bichai, Student, Music
Maxime Bisson, Student, Fine Arts
Vanessa Blais, Student, Theatre
Hans Bobanovits, Student, Fine Arts
Ian Borsuk, Student, Philosophy
Danielle Bouchard, Student, Studio Arts
Pierre Bouchard, Student, Studio Arts
Marie-Christine Boucher, Student, Contemporary Dance
Myriam Bourgeois, Student, Fine Arts
Giselle Bouron, Student, Design & Computation Arts
Anas Bouslikhane, Student, Theater
Sara Breitkreutz, Student, Independent Studies
Joanie Breault, Student, Fine Arts Photography
Vincent Brière, Student, Studio Arts
Aurélie Brunelle, Student, Fine arts
Christoph Brunner, Student, CISSC
Valéry Cadieux, Student, Studio Arts
Heather Caplap, Student, Theatre
isabelle cardin-simard, Student, Départment d’Études Françaises
Julie Charette, Student, Fine Arts
Vincent Charlebois, Student, Studio Arts (IMCA)
Jared Chevalier, Student, Film Production/Philosophy
Érika Circé-Perrault, Student, Studio Art
Nadia Cicurel, Student, Theatre
Ryan Conrad, Student, Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD
Tais Costa, Student, Fine Arts
Jordan Coulombe, Student, Communications
Erika Couto, Student, Art History & Film Studies
Philippe Cote-Boucher, Student, Linguistics/CMLL
Kelly Craig, Student, Fine Arts
Lorna Craig, Student, Theatre
Jonathan Currier, Student, Fine Arts
Marie-Michèle Cyr, Student, Mel Hoppeheim School of Cinema
Jeanne Dagenais-Lespérance, Student, Theatre
Alain Daigneault, Student, IMCA
Marie-France Daigneault Bouchard, Student, Art History
Matt Dawson, student, The magical world of theatre
Andrea deBruijn, Student, Studio Arts, Sexuality Studies
Gabrielle Desjean, Student, Design for the theatre
Alex Delagrave, Student, Film Studies
Maude Deslauriers, Student, Studio Arts
Erin Despard, Student, Communication Studies
Martin Desrosiers, Student, Design & Computation Arts
Alyssa De Stefano, Student, Photography
Simran Dewan, Student, Film Production
Giulietta Di Mambro, Student, Études francaises
Geneviève Dick, student, Philosophy
Roddy Doucet, Student, Media Studies
Alyce Dressner, Student, Studio Arts
Sarah Dubé, Student, Fine Arts
p.a.duquette, Student, Special Individualized Program
Claudia Edwards, Student, Fine Arts
Jane Ellis, Student, Print Media, Studio Arts
Burcu Emeç, Student, Photography, Fine Arts
Mariam Esseghaier, Student, Communication Studies
Brian Fauteux, Student, Communication Studies
Claire Evans, Student, Studio Arts
Lucie Feldbruegge Caruana, Student, Studio Art and Women’s Studies
Allie Fetherston, Student, Geography, Planning & Environment
Andy Filipowich, Student, Contemporary Dance
Vanessa Fleising, Student, Studio Arts
Olivier Forgues, Student, Studio Arts and Linguistics
Claire Forsyth, Student, Photography
Annie France Leclerc, Student, Fine Arts
Kandis Friesen, Student, Intermedia/Cyberarts
Raphaële Frigon, Student, Studio Arts (IMCA)
Celia Fuentes, Student, Études Françaises
Cécile Gariépy, Student, Film Production
Olivier Gariépy, Student, Fine Arts
Samantha Garritano, Student, Photography, Fine Arts
Myriam Gaumond, Student, Photography
Ivaylo Georgiev, Student, Fine Arts, Photography
Michaela Gerussi, Student, Contemporary Dance
Bella Giancotta, Student, Fine Arts
Tania Giovannoni, Student, Studio Arts
Jessica Gilbert, Student, Art History
Jocelyn Gilbert, Student, Geography, Planning and Environment
Jess Glavina, Student, Geography, Planning & Environment
Dalhi Gonthier, Student, Music
Kiley Goyette, Student, Geography, Planning & Environment
Maritza Grégoire, Student, Theatre
Julia Gregory, Student, Geography, Planning, and Environment
Manel Guay-Montserrat, Student, Film Animation
Guillermo, Student, Communication and Cultural Studies
Sophie Guérin, Student, Communication
Davita Guslits, Student, Independent Studies
Katrina Habrich, Student, Fine Arts
Jessika Hade-Précourt, Student, Fine Arts
Matthieu Hallé, Student, Art History and Film Studies
David Hanley, Student, MA Film Studies
Rebecca Hart, Student, Creative Arts Therapies
Jessica Hébert, Student, Studio Arts
Way-Gar Ho, Full-time faculty, Geography, Planning and Environment
Sheena Hoszko, Student, MFA Studio Arts
Bruno-Pierre Houle, Student, Theatre
Marianne Huot, Student, Cinema
Bryn Jennings, Student, Independent
Dru Jeffries, Student, Cinema
Carolyn Jong, Student, Communication Studies
Muriel Jaouich, Student, Studio Arts
Dillon Katrycz, Student, Women’s Studies, Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Sébastien Kauffmann, Student, Fine arts – Photography
Cathy Keays, Student Fine Arts/ Art Education
Megan Keenan, Student, Music
Jamiey Kelly, Student, Philosophy
Zoe Kiefl, Student, Fine Arts
Jinyoung Kim, Student, Studio Arts
Csenge Kolozsvári, Student, MFA Open Media
camillle lacroix, Student, studio art
Andrée Lafontaine, Student, Film Studies
Erin Lally, Student, Art history
Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux, Student, IMCA
Pamela Lamb, Student, Communication Studies
Camille Lamy, Student, Fine Arts
Danielle Landreville, Student, Philosophy
Magnier Laurent, Student, BCEE
Daphné Loubot Landreville, Student, Film Animation
Fanny C. Laurin, Student, Musique
Mark Laurin, Student, Studio Arts
Philippe Lavoie, Student, English
Taylor Leblanc, Student, Contemporary Dance
jessilyn leckie, Student, Theatre
Taylor Leedahl, Student, Art History
Annie Legault, Student, Studio Arts
Cassandre Lescarbeau, Student, Contemporary dance
Stéphanie Leest, Student, Fine Arts, Film Production
Dominic Leppla, Student, Cinema
Marie-Claude Lessard, Student, Studio Arts
Leticia, Student, Communication Studies
Eva Létourneau, Student, Film Production
Simon Lévesque, Student, Music, Jazz Studies
Emma Lightstone, Student, Fine Arts
Carlan Lonsdale, Student, Theatre
Jeanne-Renée D. Lorrain, Student, Studio Arts (IMCA)
Dominique Loubier, Student, Fine Arts
Mary Elizabeth Luka, Student, Communications
Yesica Macias, Student, Political Science
Sarah McNamara, Student, Film Studies
Dave Magnan, Student, Film Production
Kristina Mahler, Student, Creative Writing
Édith Maisonneuve, Student, Photography
Sabrina Maisonneuve, Student, Studio Arts
Jeanne Marceau, Student, Art History
Sophie Bédard Marcotte, Student, Fine Arts
Celia Marquis, Student, Studio Arts (print)
Sara Kay Maston, Student, art history/ studio art
Caroline Martel, Student, Communications Studies
Tom McGurk, Student, Geography, Planning & Environment
Andrew Marchand-Boddy, Student, Film production
Jacinthe Marcoux-Derasp, Student, Fine Arts
Maxwell Marler, Student, Philosophy
Charlie Marois, student, Fine Arts
Giselle Martel, Student, Music
Anna Mayberry, Student, Contemporary Dance
Katie Mcdonald, Student, Sculpture
Teresa McKenna, Student, Fine Arts, Art Education
Daniel McSharry, Student, Geography, Planning, and Environment
Jade R. Ménard, Student, Art Education
Veronica Mockler, Student, Fine Arts
Neal Moignard, Student, Fine Arts
Anne-Laurence Mongrain, Student, Student Arts
Evan Montpellier, Student, Studio Arts (IMCA)
Sarah Catherine De Montigny Racher, Student, Art History
Megan Moore, Student, Photography, Fine Arts
Sarah Morris, Student, Sociology
Hannah Morrow, Student, Theatre
Julia Nadeau, Student, Communications
Holly Nazar, Student, Communications
Tunku Noh Jamal Nazim, Student, Creative Writing
Johnston Newfield, Student, Studio Arts
Nhu Anh Nghiem, Student, Studio Arts
Aditi Ohri, Student, Studio Arts & Art History
Keith Odell, Student, Music, Electroacoustic Studies
Magdalena Olszanowski, Student, Communication Studies
Rickie Lea Owens, Student, MFA Open Media
Emily Paige, Student, Art Education
Clara Palardy-Desrosiers, Student, Film Studies
David Paquette, Student, Communication Studies
Ellen Payne Smith, Student, Film Production
Kelly Pennington, Student, Geography, Planning and Environment
Hope Phillips, Student, IMCA
Aly Piatkowski, Student, Studio Arts
Jade Pichet-Wiseman, Student, Film Studies
Emma Pietrangelo, Student, Art History/ Women’s Studies
Nisha Platzer, Student, Communication Studies
John Player, Student, MFA Studio Arts
Marianne Ploska, Student, Fine Arts
Antoine Poliquin-Beauregard, Student, Fine Arts (Music)
Eva-Loan Ponton-Pham, Student, Fine Arts
Maryam Pourarya, Student, Fine Arts, Fibers
Tim Powell, Student, Communication Studies
Anne-Marie Proulx, Student, Art History
Jean Pierre Proulx, Student, Fine arts
Olivier Quintal, Student, Studio Arts
Sarah Quirion, Student, Film Animation
Aubyn Rader, Student, English
Hannah Rahimi, Student, English
Sabina Rak, Student, Fine Arts
Rudrapriya Rathore, Student, English and Creative Writing
Robyn Rees, Student, Geography, Planning and Environment
Florencia Sosa Rey, Student, Studio Arts
Lou Rioux, Student, Sociology
Papagena Robbins, Student, Film Studies
Guillaume Roberts-Cambron, Student, Studio art IMCA
Jaimie Robson, Student, Communications
Eric Rodrigue, Student, ENGL
Samuel O’Breham Rondeau, Student, Studio Arts
Nora Rosenthal, Student, Geography, Planning, and Environment
Ryan Rosler, Student, English
Hardial Rosner, Student, C.M.L.L.
Joy Ross-Jones, Student, Fine Arts
Sara Raposo Santos, Student, Art History
Daria Saryan, Student, Philosophy
Marko Savard, Student, Studio Arts
shermine sawalha, Student, Fine Arts
Josee Schryer, Student, Studio Arts
Braden Scott, Student, Art History
Morgan Sea Thomson, Student, Studio Arts (Alumni)
Carly Seltzer, Student, Carly Seltzer
Jean-Sébastien Senécal, Student, Interdisciplinary Studies
Guillaume Shea-Blais, Student, Film Production
Rajee Jeji Shergill, Student, Art History
Emma Siemens-Adolphe, Student, Art History
Paisley V. Sim, Student, Theatre
Sybile Simard Dufour, Student, Simone DeBeauvoir Institute
Jessica Slipp, Student, Studio Arts
Trevor J Smith, Student, Geography, Planning and Environment
Robert Sonin, Student, Philosophy
Sophia Southam, Student, Studio Arts
Katherine Spooner-Lockyer, Student, Studio Arts
Stéphanie St-Jean Aubre, Student, Studio Arts
Casey Stainsby, Student, Theatre
Katharine Stein, Student, Art History/English
Kara Sterne, Student, Studio Art & Art History
Edan Scime Stokell, Student, Music/Electroacoustic Studies
Maria Elena Stoodley, Student, Music, Electroacoustic Studies
Klaus Sylvestre-Ippersiel, Student, Education
Nicholas Tan, Student, English
Matthew Thomson, Student, MFA Print Media
An Thorne, Student, Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Samuel Thulin, Student, Communication Studies
Marissa Tombs, Student, Studio Arts
Cecilia Torres, Student, Art Education
Annie-Cécile Tremblay, Student, Studio Arts
Ingrid Tremblay, Student, Fine Arts
Rebekah Tremblay, Student, Art History
Sarah A. Tremblay, Student, MFA Photography
Sarah-Isabelle Tremblay, Student,Fine Arts
Lori Malépart-Traversy, Student, Fine Arts
Geneviève Trudel, Student, Independent
Svetla Turnin, Student, Communication Studies
Florence Vallières, Student, Studio Arts (Intermedia/CybertArts)
Lydia van Berkom, Student, Studio Arts
Adam Veenendaal, Student, Philosophy
Gabriel Velasco, Student, SCPA
Marie-Anne Vezeau, Student, Studio Arts
Laurent Viau-Lapointe, Student, Studio Arts (IMCA)
Vincent Viezzer, Student, Studio Arts, (IMCA)
Hector Villeda-Martinez, Student, Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Nina Vroemen, Student, Art History
Esther Wade, Student, Simone de Beauvoir Institute / Studio Arts
Anastasia Wansbrough, Student, Contemporary Dance
Erin Weisgerber, Student, Film Production
Johnathan Wells, Student, English
Faith Wiley, Student, Studio Arts
Paul Williot, Student, Geography
Angela Wilson, Student, Communication Studies
Zoe Wonfor, Student, Fine arts
Jamie Woollard, Student, Music
Keara Yim, Student, Geography and Women’s Studies
Eleanor Young, Student, Music/Contemporary Dance
Ned Zimmerman, Student, Theatre

Concordia University staff
Caroline Boileau, Staff, Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery
Zoë Chan, Staff, Ellen Gallery
katie jung, Staff, Fine Arts
Shelly Low, Staff, Studio Arts
Tricia Middleton, Staff, Fine Arts Student Relations
jake moore, Staff, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery
Sarah Nesbitt, Staff, Art History
Celia Perrin Sidarous, Staff, Fine Arts
Cheryl Simon, Staff, MFA-Studio Arts
J. Tyburczy, Staff, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Algonquin College
Robert Tombs, Part-time faculty, Interior Design

Birkbeck, University of London
Soo Tian Lee, Part-time faculty, Law
Maham Hashmi, Full-time faculty, Languages & Culture South Asia, School of Oriental and African studies

Birmingham City University
Joyce Ellen Canaan, Full-time faculty, School of Social Sciences

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Gregory Hummel, Full-time faculty, Communication Studies

Brock University
Irene Loughlin, Part-time faculty, Fine Arts

Cégep Saint-Laurent
Anne-Marie Béland, Student, Technique de Bioécologie
Guillaume Perrier, Student, Sciences Humaines

Dalhousie University
Jessica Sypher, Student, School for Resource & Environmental Studies
Zeynep Husrevoglu, Student, Law

Florida State University
Monica Krishnan, Student, Biology

Lauren Nurse, Part-time faculty, Print Media
Tomasz Olszanowski, Student, Illustration

University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
Karis Shearer, Full-time faculty, Critical Studies

University of Essex
Peter Conlin, Staff, Essex Business School

Free University of Liverpool
stefano ba’, Full-time faculty, Sociology

Georgetown University
Deena Loeffler, Staff, Cancer Control Program

Goldsmiths, University of London
Des Freedman, Full-time faculty, Media and Communications
Alberto Toscano, Full-time faculty, Sociology
Su-Anne Yeo, Student, Media and Communications

La Trobe University
Carolyn D’Cruz, Full-time faculty, Gender sexuality & diversity studies

McGill University
Michelle Hartman, Full-time faculty, Institute of Islamic Studies
Thomas Lamarre, Full-time faculty, East Asian Studies
Abby Lippman, Full-time faculty, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, & Occupational Health
Matt May, Student, Sociology
Romina Salinas-Munoz, Full-time faculty, Psychology
Anthony Pare, Full-time faculty, Integrated Studies in Education
Stephen Peters, Student, Integrated Studies in Education
Ariel Prado, Student, Sociology

Northumbria University
Julia Charlton,Full-time faculty, Health, Community and Education

Örebro Universitet
David Branner, Student, Business School

Ryerson University
Daniel Joseph, Student, Communication & Culture

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Frédéric Moffet, Full-time faculty, Film, Video, New Media, Animation

South Essex College (UK)
Ian Hurd, Full-time faculty, Music

University of Bradford
Aadam Siciid-Muuse, Student, School of Life Sciences

University of Brighton
Jo Letariat, Student, Politics and Social Policy

University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
Karis Shearer, Full-time faculty, Critical Studies

University of East Anglia (UK)
Kirsten Forkert, Part-time faculty, Political, Social and International Studies

University of East London
Debra Benita Shaw, Full-time faculty, Arts & Digital Industries

University of Georgia
Atilla Hallsby, Student, Communication Studies

University of King’s College
Robert Olson, Student, History of Science and Technology

University of Illinois at Chicago
Paul Hartman, Student, Education

Université Laval
Patrick Beauregard, Student, Letters
Élie Lemieux-Huard, Student, Physique

University of Liverpool
Karen Evans, Full-time faculty, Sociology

Universite de Montreal
Jules-Antoine Bélanger, Full-time faculty, Études Classiques
Choukah, Student, Communication
Ophélie Lemieux, Student, Enseignement secondaire
Christel de Vries, Student, Religious Studies

University of Northern British Columbia
Hilary McGregor, Student, MScCH Community Health Science

University of Ottawa
Kim Pate, Part-time faculty, Law

University of Saskatchewan
T.L. Cowan, Full-time faculty, Women’s & Gender Studies

The University of Sheffield
Mark Pendleton, Full-time faculty, East Asian Studies

University of Washington
Rahul Gairola, Part-time faculty, CUSP

UC Santa Cruz
Eric Stanley, Student, History of consciousness

Mathieu Catafard, Student, Sociologie
Angéline Desaulniers, Student, Arts visuels
Antoine Doyon, Full-time faculty, Communication
Jean-René Giard, Full-time faculty, Communication

University of Washington
Ario Jafarzadeh, Part-time faculty, Human Centered Design & Engineering
Rahul Gairola, Part-time faculty, CUSP

Westminster University
John Baker, Full-time faculty, ELCS